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    For immediate release

    MyAirplane.com Offers US VFR Sectionals, IFR Enroute Charts, and Terminal Procedure Publications on the Pocket PC.

    Columbus , OH — August 24, 2004 — MyAirplane.com, a website created by pilots for pilots, announced the completion of three new products; PDA Enroute Charts, PDA Plates, and PDA Sectionals.

    By using their own proprietary technology, MyAirplane.com was able to compress the original files provided by the National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) to 1/10 th their size and maintain near perfect quality. This allows them to compress an incredible amount of data into a remarkably small size. Critical flight data can now be added to devices where storage is at a premium.

    The PDA Sectionals application delivers the VFR sectionals for the entire US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands), and allows for Searching, zooming, rotating, panning and more with image quality higher than anything on the market today. PDA Sectionals allows the user to select which charts to place on the memory card. The continental US will fit on a 512MB card, or put half of the country on an inexpensive 256MB card. The price of the PDA Sectionals is $25 for a single cycle or $123 for an annual subscription updated every 28 days.

    “We're all about saving pilots money. By offering inexpensive access to current data, there is no reason for pilots to fly with outdated information,” said Dennis Megarry, President of MyAirplane.com. “Very few companies offer these products for the Pocket PC, none can match our image quality, our size, or our price. We can accommodate your existing memory cards, whatever the size.”

    Also available from MyAirplane.com is the PDA IFR Pack. This bundles PDA Plates containing over 12,600 Terminal Procedure Publications with PDA Enroute Charts, which holds all the high and low altitude enroute charts. The entire package fits on a 512MB memory card. This bundle, designed for instrument rated pilots, sells for $25 for a single cycle or $123 for an annual subscription with updates every 28 days.

    “We released PDA Sectionals and PDA Plates at AirVenture 2004 in Oshkosh ,” said Doug Hansknecht , Vice President. “The reception was amazing. We were awarded ‘Best Product of the Year' Avionics and Software (Charts and Maps) by RST Engineering's EAA AirVenture Avionics and Software Forum, and had a number of Multi Function Display (MFD) vendors approach us about licensing our technology. This would allow them to provide their customers with an inexpensive alternative to the traditional (expensive) data sources. It's much too early for predictions, but I can say that our technology has opened up a lot of new possibilities.”

    MyAirplane.com utilized the core competencies of its developers and their background in do cument imaging to produce usable images without sacrificing quality, resulting in the first Pocket PC application to supply vector based graphics in a tiny storage card. The charts (both VFR and IFR) are all full color, high resolution images that look great on the Pocket PC. The approach plates simply have to be seen to be believed. All these products meet the requirements under FAR 91.103, FAR 91.175, and AC 120-76A.

    For more information, please visit www.MyAirplane.com.

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